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A Quick Advice From A Chiropractor On Headache And Back Pain Solutions For Employees

There are many different reasons why your employees may suffer from headaches and back pain in the workplace. It is important to identify the causes to find solutions to these problems. Here are some daily factors that a chiropractor clinic may advise their patients to pay attention to.


Lights that are too dim or too bright can contribute to headaches. Dim lighting strains the eyes while bright lights over stimulate the eye resulting in problems. It is essential to adjust lighting to minimize glare while ensuring that there is enough illumination to see. It is also best to avoid UV light, which like the rays of the sun, can cause a variety of health problems.


Back, neck and shoulder pain can largely be contributed to poor posture in the work place. Whether your employees are sitting behind a desk or are performing manual labor or tasks, correct posture is essential.

Make sure that your staff has comfortable chairs that provide support in all the right places. A desk should also be at the ideal height meaning that an adjustable seat is preferable. The employee should never need to strain or bend for them to fulfill their tasks while sitting at a desk.

Manual workers may require additional training on how to ensure the best posture to prevent back pain. Providing your employees with the right safety equipment and back support can assist in this.

Frequent Breaks

Sitting, standing or remaining in the same position for prolonged periods of time may cause back pain and headaches. Make sure that your employees can take regular breaks during which they can be encouraged to move around, stretch or even exercise. Exercise is important to improve muscle tone that is essential to preventing back pain. It also enhances the flow of oxygen to the brain, increasing employee performance.

Food And Beverages

Your employees need to eat and regularly drink throughout the working day to ensure optimal hydration and sustain energy levels. Dehydration and sugar lows can contribute to headaches and lowered employee performance. A snack bar or kitchen where employees can prepare their meals is ideal.

However, it is preferable to provide healthy, low GI foods (rather than sugary snacks) and avoid beverages like coffee and tea that are high in caffeine. Caffeine and sugar are stimulants that may increase activity for a short period and then result in a crash that could include a headache.


Proper ventilation is essential to increased employee performance as well as to stop headaches. A lack of oxygen to the brain is one of the primary causes of headaches as well. Ensure that clean, hygienic, fresh air circulates throughout the workplace. It may also be advisable to use an air filtration system to filter out pollutants and other irritants that could cause headaches.

Employees who are in pain will not provide the same level of performance as those who are comfortable in their working environment. Taking just a few steps to alter their environment can lead to a pain-free work place.

And to top it all, here is a quick video that shows different stretches which are easy and helpful for back pain:

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